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Rehearsals for Spring, 2024 season begin in January

Rehearsals take place on Tuesdays from 7:00 pm to 9:15 pm. The first rehearsal for Fall, 2024 will take place on January 9.

We are currently meeting at the First Presbyterian Church of Mountain View, 1667 Miramonte Ave. in Mountain View(at the corner of Cuesta Drive and Miramonte).

 Contact us for more information.

Anyone is welcome to join the choir. There are no formal auditions to join. We meet from September through mid-December and from January through mid-May. We do not meet during the Summer. Bring a friend who would like to share our joy of music and singing!

For further information, e-mail a representative of the choir.



The choir is entirely self-sustaining, meeting their budget through donations from members, local businesses, and friends of the choir.

Membership: Membership dues are by donation; although we suggest a basic donation of $100, we do not exclude anyone because of inability to contribute. Many of our members contribute more than that amount, since we depend on contributions to support our music. Members contributing $100 or more are recognized as Sustaining Members; contributors of $150 or more as Sponsoring Members; $200 or more are Benefactors.

Music: All members are required to purchase their music.  Usually the cost for music will be around $30.00 every term.

Fundraisers: Choir members are asked to participate in fundraising efforts throughout the year. 


The choir has a dress code for both formal and informal concerts.

Formal Concert Dress

Note: Our concert dress continues to change. Photographs on this site show several forms of dress. Rules below describe the newest dress code.

Women: Black dress with occasional color accent.

Men: Black shirt and pants.

Informal Concert Dress

Dress for the outreaches is usually less formal than that for the main concerts. Fall outreach attire usually consists of black pants or skirts with holiday shirts or sweaters. Spring outreach attire usually consists of black pants and a solid color polo shirt ( the Sunnyvale Singers polo shirt, for example).


The Singers rehearse Tuesday nights from 7:00 to 9:15, at First Presbyterian Church of Mountain View. (see map above).

Rehearsals are held from September to June, with a break for summer vacation. Members are expected to attend all rehearsals and may not be able to perform with us if they cannot attend regularly. Please check our rehearsal guidelines.

The Fall concert season normally starts on the first Tuesday after Labor Day. The Spring concert season starts on the second Tuesday in January.

The Fall Concert is usually scheduled for about the 2nd week in December; and the Spring Concert is usually scheduled for about the 2nd week in May. Concerts are usually scheduled for a start time of 2:00 PM on Sundays, and are presented at the Sunnyvale Performing Arts Center off Remington Ave. in Sunnyvale.

Choir Workshops are held on a Saturday from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM – usually one workshop per term. These workshops are very important since they allow us to work on details and aspects of our repertoire that facilitate learning and perfecting our music for each concert.

Dress Rehearsal is usually on the Wednesday before each scheduled formal concert. The rehearsal is held at the Sunnyvale Performing Arts Center from 6:30 P.M. to 9:45 PM. Dress rehearsal means a run through of the concert music – including instruments if scheduled – with singers on the stage risers, but not in concert dress.

To ensure the success of our concerts, it is important that everyone notes the dates of these respective activities on your calendars. This will help to avoid conflicts that would cause you to miss any of them. If too many members miss these events, it changes the choir’s musical balance and blend. This makes it difficult to fine-tune our music in preparation for our formal concerts. Fine tuning our music helps our choir sound wonderful during our formal concerts; which in turn leads to uplifting experiences for us and our audiences.

Outreach Performances

Outreach Performances are mini-concerts that we perform at retirement residences and other venues in the community. We do two or three of these each term – usually on dates close to the dates of our formal concerts. These are part of our community outreach effort – and they do bring in a little money too! Singers voluntarily sign up for each outreach. Everyone is encouraged to sing in at least one outreach performance since these are excellent opportunities to run through our repertoire and smooth out any rough edges in the music.

Yahoo Group

Find out what’s happening with the Sunnyvale Singers- concert information, rehearsals and other important information. Join the Sunnyvale Singers Members group at

Here are Yahoo Group Instructions on how to sign up.


The Sunnyvale Singers have a formal set of by-laws describing the roles and responsibilities of all Board Members.  SVS Bylaws (2012).

Rehearsal Guidelines

Some members of the Singers have serious allergies that are triggered by scented perfumes, hairsprays, aftershave lotions, etc. Please check our Rehearsal Guidelines page with additional guidelines about fragrance-free products, and do not wear scented products to rehearsals or concerts!